Triple H Posts Horrific Photo Of Torn Pectoral Muscle


Wrestling legend Triple H took home a nasty souvenir from his win last week at WWE’s Crown Jewel.

The world champion teamed up with Shawn Michaels as D-Generation X reformed on Friday November 2 to take on Kane and The Undertaker at the event in Saudi Arabia.

The duo went home victorious, but not before Triple H took one for the team and got choke-slammed into the announcer table, resulting in a pretty nasty tear to his pectoral muscle. Ouch.

In the world of WWE The Game remains active on the roster for major events despite taking a lead role in developing the next generation of talent for NXT, the WWE website credits Triple H as being as close to royalty as you can get inside the wrestling promotion.

They say:

He’s The King of Kings, a nickname with no hint of exaggeration considering that Triple H is essentially WWE royalty.

In other words, expectations were high when he stepped into the ring alongside team member Shawn Michaels (aka the Heart Break Kid) last Friday.


Disclaimer: I only realised that WWE wasn’t real about a month ago, when I walked into my boyfriend’s living room and his flatmate was quite avidly watching men and women in what looked like fancy dress throwing each other around on TV.

Me being me, I started asking a million and one questions to try and find out what he was watching, and the concept of ‘sports entertainment’ where outcomes are pre-determined. He told me to shut up. Ah well.

Anyway, Triple H apparently put on a stellar performance before he was choke-slammed into a table by his opponent Kane (who is actually a real life mayor these days):

Yikes. Did anyone else’s body appear to curl in on itself when they watched that table break, or is it just me?

According to the match report, Triple H was out of action for an extended period of time after the incident and had to be assessed by the ringside physician to see if he was fit to continue.

And when I saw his injuries I can honestly say, hand on my heart, that he most definitely should not have been deemed fit to go back into the ring – but who am I to judge?

Take a look for yourself:

The wrestler posted the picture to his Twitter account yesterday (November 5), showing his followers the true extent of his injuries.

He captioned the photo:

Surgery in the AM……makes you stronger.

I don’t know about you but my pain threshold is so low that if I get even a slight hint of a bruise, the whole world knows about it.

So I’ve got to give him credit for getting back into the ring after suffering an injury like that, which resulted in a (very sore looking) torn pectoral muscle.

And people say wrestling is fake…

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