Two Guys Take Part In Insanely Brutal Bare Knuckle Fight

Nick Diaz & Nate Diaz Brothers Fans/Facebook

Bare knuckle boxing isn’t designed to be a walk in the park, but two competitors took things a step further in this brutal match.

In a bout that looks pretty personal, the two fighters threw some unbelievable blows and neither ended up coming out of the ring without shedding blood.

You can watch the two athletes fight it out in the footage below:

Bare Knuckle Scrap

The Fair 1 On 1

Posted by Nick Diaz & Nate Diaz Brothers Fans on Monday, 17 July 2017

The fight has been hailed as a pretty even match up, and the Facebook page that share the now viral video, Nick Diaz & Nate Diaz Brothers Fans, dubbed it ‘The Fair 1 On 1’.

Still, some keyboard warriors has sided with the guy in the dark shorts, saying his timing and distance were more accurate than his opponent, whose technique was compared to Deontay ‘Windmiller’ Wilder.

Admittedly, he did land a lot of punches, but the bout was peppered with misses too.

Nick Diaz & Nate Diaz Brothers Fans/Facebook

Meanwhile, the debate over bare-knuckle boxing raged on in the comments section, with some saying the scenes were more ‘brawl’ than ‘fight’.

You’ve got to admit, both guys were great sports and exited the ring after sharing post-fight handshake.