Tyson Fury Body Shamed After Posing For Topless Photo


Tyson Fury has attracted some heat online after an image of the troubled boxer was posted to Twitter.

Fury can be seen in the photo posing topless while reportedly in Tenerife.

Critics have accused the former world heavyweight champion -who was stripped of his IBF title before vacating his WBA and WBO belts- of ‘piling on the pounds’.

This is the photo in question…

It didn’t take long for the body-shaming to commence:




A handful offered Fury some defence…



Fury has undoubtedly made more than a few very questionable comments in recent years, that were rightly criticised at the time, but it really isn’t that surprising that an out-of-competition fighter wouldn’t be in impeccable shape.

Add to that Fury’s publicised struggles with drugs and depression and it’s not hard to understand that the man isn’t prioritising the gym right now.

Should he come out of retirement that weight will be shed very quickly after a few weeks in the gym anyway…