Tyson Fury Posts Horrendous Video Attempt At Freestyle Rap


Trying to predict what Tyson Fury will do next is a bit like waiting for a hurricane to hit – you know it won’t be good, and you probably won’t be grateful for the experience.

That is certainly true of his latest antics ahead of his WBO and WBA title rematch with Wladimir Klitschko.

After his initial bout with the Ukrainian, Fury serenaded his wife with Aerosmith, then he revealed his take on the truffle shuffle, an interesting Anthony Joshua impression followed, and now he is trying his hand at a spot of freestyle rap…


A video posted by Tyson Fury (@gypsyking101) on


Klitschko had labelled Fury as a ‘hall of dog shit champion’, and while that assessment will only be put to the test on July 9, the 27-year-old’s rapping ability probably does belong to that category.

But God loves a trier, and one thing Tyson can’t be accused of his failing to attempt whatever pops into his head.