Tyson Fury Slams Jake Paul In Explicit Interview Following Tommy Fury Fight Withdrawal

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Warning: Strong Language

Tyson Fury Slams Jake Paul In Explicit Interview Following Tommy Fury Fight Withdrawal@MichellePhelp/Twitter/Alamy

Tyson Fury didn’t mince his words for Jake Paul after Tommy Fury was forced to withdraw from his highly-anticipated fight. 


The former Love Island contestant pulled out of his upcoming fight with Jake due to a ‘bacterial chest infection and broken rib’, less than two weeks before the bout was scheduled to take place.

It’s obviously sparked some smack talk from both camps: Jake described it as an ’embarrassment’ and said he wasn’t keen to revisit the fight; his brother Logan called him a ‘p*ssy’; and now Tyson has clapped back.

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In a new interview with Behind The Gloves, Tyson discussed Tommy’s withdrawal from the fight. ‘You know what? Things happen in life and you’ve gotta get over it. Sh*t happens,’ he said.


‘When you’re sick because you lost a fight – big deal. Get over it. Man up. There’s plenty of fights out there, and if a fight was supposed to happen, it’ll happen again. It is what it is, it’s a boxing fight. I’ve lost big fights and bigger paydays.’

The interviewer then moved onto Jake, sparking an immediate response from Tyson. ‘Jake Paul can go suck a d*ck for all I care. Next. P*ssy.’

‘I don’t wanna know, I’m not interested. Him and his brother are two sh*thouse p*ssies, and they could never live in my world, because they’re f*cking b*tches at the end of the day, and if you don’t like the language, get f*cked,’ he continued.


Logan Paul Slams ‘Beautiful’ Tommy Fury After Withdrawing From Jake Paul Fight

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After Tommy announced his withdrawal, he said, ‘I can’t express how disappointed I am and I really do hope we can get this fight rescheduled in the new year, I want this fight to still happen more than anything.’

However, Jake seems to be happy to leave things as they are. ‘I’m a scary guy to fight – the [trash talk], the pressure. All of this? He cracked and tried to find a way out. I truly believe that… I don’t see any reason to come back next year and give him a payday, it would be more fun to leave him in the dust,’ he said.

Responding to this, Tyson said, ‘I don’t make anything of it, let them do what they gotta do. No interest.’


It’s unclear whether Tommy and Jake will ever face off in the ring.

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