Tyson Fury ‘Wishes’ He Had Anthony Joshua’s ‘Big C*ck’


So Tyson Fury has followed his bizarre press conference antics with an even more bizarre video.


Speaking to iFL TV, Fury compared Anthony Joshua’s intelligence to a bag of washing he just happened to have handy, and revealed his estimations of the London fighter’s cock size, and that he’d ‘probably’ like to have it.

And when his boxing days are done, Fury will have the option of combining his penchant for karaoke with some horrendously awkward skills as an impressionist into one priceless variety act.


Okay then…

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Fury said:

He’s a dumb fighter, going in the ring, punching some other bums out with not a brain cell in here. So what? He’s a piece of meat, being used, like me. Like every other fighter, we are all being used.

I don’t hate Joshua. I don’t dislike him. I like the guy. He’s doing well, he’s got a good body. I bet he’s got a big cock. Probably, I wish I had it.

Love him or loathe him, there is never a dull moment with Tyson Fury.