UFC Fighter Mike Perry Punches Old Man During Argument At Texas Restaurant

by : Cameron Frew on : 09 Jul 2020 09:47
UFC Fighter Mike Perry Punches Old Man During Argument At A Texas RestaurantUFC Fighter Mike Perry Punches Old Man During Argument At A Texas Restaurant@MMAEejit/Twitter

UFC welterweight fighter Mike Perry has been caught on video punching an older man at a Texas restaurant. 


The incident comes after the MMA brawler emerged victorious over Mickey Gall on June 27. The footage, reportedly filmed at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, shows Perry punching an unidentified male amid a large argument.

While the video continues to circulate online, the 28-year-old has acknowledged it on Twitter, writing from his official account: ‘No comment.’

You can see the punch in the hectic footage below: 


As per witness reports to TMZ Sports, Perry – who was allegedly ordering Berry Mojitos – had got into a physical altercation in the restaurant at around 10.30pm on Tuesday night, July 7. When an employee asked him to leave, he reportedly punched them in the face, leaving them with injuries.

This is the point at which the video – posted on Twitter by @MMAEejit – begins, showing Perry as an unknown woman tries to escort him out of the restaurant. ‘I’ll stay here… y’all calling the cops,’ he says, presumably in reference to the earlier conflict.

Mike Perry VideoMike Perry Video@MMAEejit/Twitter

As he exits the building alongside a small party of people, an older man can be seen and heard trying to calm Perry down. ‘Oh you didn’t touch me? He touched me,’ he screams, looking in the direction of someone outside the frame.

The unnamed man then says: ‘He didn’t touch you, I’ve been sitting there watching you. You hit him.’

Perry eventually replies: ‘I’ll knock your old ass out too… let’s go you fat piece of sh*t.’ As the man lunges towards the fighter, he throws a right hook that reportedly floored him. As per the witness reports, he was taken to hospital with injuries and doesn’t remember the punch or the aftermath.

From here, Perry gets much angrier as people around shout at him for his actions. While challenging everyone to call the police because ‘I ain’t do shit’, he tells the woman he was with: ‘F*ck you, you ain’t on my side bitch.’ The fighter reportedly told police he was trying to leave the restaurant peacefully but people were ‘putting hands on me’.

Mike Perry Video 3Mike Perry Video 3@MMAEejit/Twitter

He also uses the n-word heavily throughout the clip, telling people around him to ‘back up’ and ‘f*ck you’. As per MMA Fighting, Perry was questioned at the scene but not arrested, left with a misdemeanor assault that he’ll be required to show up at court for. He could face a fine of $500.

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