UFC Fighter Reveals Bite Mark Ref Failed To Call Bites And Eye-Gouge During Fight

UFC bite marks@btsportufc/Twitter

A UFC fighter has taken to social media to share the results of some pretty dirty tactics his opponent apparently used against him in their latest fight.


37-year-old Diego Sanchez, a 14-year UFC veteran, claims he was bitten and eye-gouged during his UFC 235 bout with 27-year-old Mickey Gall.

Sanchez won the fight in the second round, after the referee had to step in and call a stop to the action when Sanchez had pinned his opponent on the canvas.


Despite the win, and the extra $50,000 it earned him for Performance of the Night, Sanchez was frustrated by the fight, especially by some illegal moves he claims Gall made during the clash.

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According to Sanchez, the ref failed to spot the biting and eye gouging from the 27-year-old American.

Taking to Instagram, sporting what appears to be an impressive bite mark on his chest, Sanchez wrote:

@mickeygall is still a little bitch he bit me and eye gouged me! I’m from the streets of burque your lucky that ref pulled me off !

OG’s don’t tell the ref they suck it up and street fight! But I had to let ig know [sic]

Despite this, Sanchez is now on a two-fight winning streak, with a current record of 29-11 – 16 wins by stoppage, according to Bloody Elbow.


The story wasn’t the only interesting moment to emerge from UFC 235 though, as Johnny Walker also came away from his victory over Misha Cirkunov with an injury he shouldn’t have sustained.

It took the Brazilian just 36 seconds to defeat his opponent, but as impressive as the win was, unfortunately for Walker, it wasn’t the most talked-about moment of the fight. During his celebration, Walker somehow managed to dislocate his shoulder.

Take a look:


Attempting his signature ‘worm’ celebration, Walker managed to knock his shoulder out of place as he fell, which he admitted to Joe Rogan after the fight.

I always knew UFC was a dangerous game.

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