UFC Fighter Sh*ts Herself On Live TV While Escaping Choke Hold


When we talk about beating the shit out of someone, we don’t mean it literally. Although hilariously welcome, no-one’s main objective in a fight is to reduce an opponent to soiling themselves.

However, if you told that to MMA fighter Felice Herrig, you might get a different answer.

When Herrig steps in the octagon, she wants to see poo. She wants to see smeared poo on the floor surrounding her incapacitated foe.

And boy did she get that in the shape of Justine Kish, who recently had the misfortune of releasing her bowels during a nasty choke hold.

Well, I say releasing her bowels. I really mean ‘shooting out liquid poop like no tomorrow.’

Fuck. Apparently the stains couldn’t even be cleaned properly until the next day, which is some going for Kish. One can only dream of emanating such everlasting shite.

Fair play to the girl, she played it off in jest, tweeting:

I am a warrior, and I will never quit #ShitHappens haha be back soon.

Good going. Beat them to the joke. Don’t take any crap from anyone, Justine.