UFC’s Devin Powell Literally Broke His Balls During Training.

by : UNILAD on : 11 Feb 2018 21:52

When a man gets hurt, physically, 99.9 per cent of them want to try and walk it off like nothing has happened, thanks in no small part to the culture of toxic masculinity.


While the rate of success is debatable (I have yet to check the algorithm on that one) one thing I can guarantee is, if you get hit in the testicles, there’s absolutely NO WALKING AWAY from it – I don’t care who you are, you can be Brock Lesner – you get hit down south and you’re going down like a ton of bricks.

Getting hit in your ‘boys’ is a pain akin to nothing else – when one man is hit with a below the belt shot, men across the world share said person’s pain.

The latest casualty to be on the receiving end of a blow to the testicles is UFC’s Devin Powell and his predicament is unfortunate as it is painful.

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First things first, hitting someone in the hallowed nether regions is a straight up no-no, it’s the reason why Mortal Kombat fans hate Johnny Cage and his ‘punch-to-the-nuts’ move – it’s cheap and cruel.

Make a joke about hitting your fella downstairs and watch his face transform into a black cloud of fear.

Yet back to poor Devin Powell – he ruptured his testicles – and it wasn’t even during a fight!

The unfortunate incident occurred during a training session with his sparring partner, UFC veteran and fan favourite, Joe Lauzon.

Lauzon unintentionally ruptured Powell’s testicles while the two were practising ‘knees on the ground’ moves and according to Powell’s Instagram post, the ‘sheer power’ of Lauzon’s blows was enough to put his sparring buddy out of commission and give him the type of ‘blue balls’ no man ever wants.

Strangely enough, Powell ‘waited a day and a half to be seen’ by doctors – not a good idea.

However, he does offer some words of wisdom to his followers, urging them to get themselves ‘checked out if you hurt yourself’.


In his full Instagram post he wrote:

Thanks to the fine ambulatory services in Wells, ME, I am checked into the hospital and ready for surgery. Shout out to @joelauzon we’ve been practicing knees on the ground and he successfully ruptured my testicle with his sheer power.

His opponent has no chance in April… now to get the blood clot drained and the goods repaired. I waited a day and a half to be seen.. word for the wise, if you hurt yourself, go get checked out.

@danawhite @seanshelby how about a NY @Ufc fight coming up… this will be quite the comeback story. Share this and help me get the ball rolling on my next fight and follow my journey… pun intended.

Lauzon, for his part, tried to offer an explanation for what went down but all he could say on Twitter was ‘#majorFail’:

Thankfully Devin had successful surgery yesterday (February 14) and he’s hoping to make his way back to the Octagon very soon:

Moral of the story? You need to protect your nuts at all costs.

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