‘Unbeatable’ Kung Fu Master Takes On MMA Fighter, Result Causes Huge Controversy


An outspoken MMA fighter has caused controversy in China after his battle with a kung fu master who claims to be the descendant of Ip Man.

The MMA fighter, 39-year-old Xu Xiaodong, stepped into battle with Ding Hao, who is said to be a practitioner of wing chun.

However, during the battle, it became apparent that this game was Xu’s from the beginning, and he knocked down Ding a total of six times in a three-round fight.


This isn’t the first controversial battle the MMA fighter has had, just under a year ago, he knocked out a self-proclaimed tai chi master.

Xu’s mission is to prove that the traditional Chinese martial arts are a ‘scam’, and wants to beat any practitioner who crosses his path.

The fight here took place on March 18 in Chengde, Hebei Province, and saw Xu wipe the floor with his opponent, who doesn’t really land a punch at all.

Mr Xu has a fairly high profile in China, but there is little known about Mr Ding, though some websites claim he is 20 years of age, and says he is a descendant of Ip Man.

Ip Man is a near-mythical teacher of wing chun, who is known primarily as a teacher of Hollywood legend Bruce Lee.

However, Ip Man himself is something of a film star with a series of films featuring his dramatised story starring Donnie Yen – who went on to star in Rogue One.


Wing chun, the type of martial art practiced by Ip Man, originates from the Guangdong Province in southern China.

However, fans have questioned just whether Mr Ding does indeed practice wing chun as he professes.

The referee announced the game to be a tie, but this further launched a discussion about how Mr Ding didn’t put up a fight.

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One journalist wrote on Sina:

An insider who asked not to be named revealed to reporters that there was no such person as Ding Hao at the Wing Chun Fist of China, and Ding Hao could not represent Wing Chun.

The person even appeared annoyed and ridiculed.

However, Mr Ding’s apparent master Yu Changhua, claimed that the clip did not reflect the duel truthfully.


He told Shanghai Great Sports:

Ding Hao was in a good mood. He was playing and was not injured. It is estimated that Xu Xiaodong’s injury was even worse than he.

Xu Xiaodong was wearing a braces and braces. In front of the few punches, his teeth must collapse. He certainly will not allow you to interview, or you will see him mouth swollen.

Everyone is injured, so the host judges two people to win.


Mr Xu is seemingly on a bit of a war path with traditional Chinese martial artists so this is presumably not the last we’ll see from him.