Undercover Female Muay Thai Champ Kicks Sh*t Out Of MMA Trainer


What would you do if you were a Muay Thai champion? Go about your business in the ring and then live a quiet life outside of it… or go undercover and drop MMA trainers like it’s going out of fashion?

That’s what one woman did, and got video proof to boot.

A while back, Germaine Yeap attended a gym wearing typically geeky glasses with the intention of toughening up.

Acting shy around the employees, they attempt to make progress with her in various workouts to no avail.


Eventually, Yeap asks one of them if they can spar off in the ring. At first, the man is hesitant about hurting her. Little does he know she’s about to take him all the way round Nakhon Ratchasima and back.

Watch as the hilarity unfolds:

Fucking hell, I hope someone rang that geezer a taxi. Guy got rekt.

This one-sided sparring session took place a couple of years ago, and is doing the rounds after being reposted on Reddit.

I suppose the take away from this is never judge a book by its cover. Oh, and avoid Germaine Yeap like the bubonic plague.