UNILAD Football’s King To C*nt-Ometer Of The Week


UNILAD Footballs King To C*nt Ometer Of The Week JL

There are many things that can make footballer’s absolute cunts.

Whether it’s buying ridiculously expensive cars that the normal person would have to save for decades to own, splashing out in┬áMichelin star restaurants when the rest of us get excited about a KFC, or finding time to be a cunt on the pitch, they always come up trumps.

Every week at UNILAD Football, we identify the worst person from the previous weekend and put them to shame on our cunt-ometer.

In terms of scale, the worst you can be is Diego Costa (obviously), while if you’re more towards Juan Mata and Kolo Toure, you can consider yourself a fucking king – and we might even give the player in question some credit for it.

Our winner this week is none other than:

Joleon Lescott

It wasn’t a good week for Joleon.

Destined to finish bottom of the Premier League with Aston Villa and with Liverpool visiting Villa Park on Sunday, you could perhaps forgive Lescott for letting his mind wander elsewhere.

But tweeting – accidentally or not – a picture of a sports car just minutes after a 6-0 mauling is a sure fire way of pissing off your own fans.

Lescott claims the tweet was sent innocently from his pocket as he drove home after the game, but it could well have been something the former England defender was planning on spending his barely earned wages on.

Best buy it now, Joleon, Championship wages won’t cover the cost of a new sports car.

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