Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart Go Head-To-Head In Epic Battle


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One man is an eight-time Olympic gold medalist, the other is an award winning, record-breaking comedian, and despite their paths rarely crossing professionally they have quite the beef brewing.

Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt’s rivalry actually spans years, with the root traceable back to 2013 when comedian Hart actually beat the ‘fastest man on the planet’ in a race up and down a basketball court.

I mean, obviously Hart cheated:

A valiant effort from the Philadelphia-born funnyman, but let’s be honest it looks suspiciously like Bolt gave him that one. When Hart sets off illegally the Jamaican sprinter’s clearly content to give him the extra few steps.

But seeing the injustice of the past, PokerStars stepped in to stir the pot by pitting the two against each other in a series of online challenges to settle things once and for all.

The series will see the men go head-to-head in a battle of wits and oneupmanship, with social media providing the scoreboard.

Having both signed up with the online poker giant it wasn’t long before they started taking shots at each other online.

Bolt took to Twitter to call out the ‘lil man’ for ‘running his mouth again’:

Quick-witted Hart fired back in hilarious fashion…

He wrote:

1st of all…ur slow as shit. 2nd of all…. poker is my world so be careful. P.S I have 3 gold medals from my church track team.

Well he is nothing if not confident.

The series kicked off in earnest yesterday night when PokerStars dropped this video:

A source at PokerStars has hinted that the series of challenges will culminate with both men taking seats at the PokerStars Championship, Bahamas.

Hart will no doubt bring his acting skill to the table with one hell of a poker face anticipated, but Bolt is a pro athlete. Head-to-head competition is his world and he will always fancy his chances of out-performing his comedic rival.

So let’s breakdown the competitor’s stats before the competition kicks off.

What he may lack in height Hart more than makes up for with devoted followers. Coming in one foot shorter than Bolt at 5’4, the comedian boasts a dominance online across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of almost 80 Million, with 111.5 Million followers compared to Bolt’s 31 Million.

But according to Forbes Bolt won’t be losing any sleep financially, he shades Hart in the rich list for 2017 by $1.7 Million with a net worth of $34.2 Million (roughly £24.6 Million).

And when it comes to achievements, well how do you even compare? Usain Bolt is to sprinting what Hart is to comedy, so all bets are off until we learn a little more about the pair’s upcoming challenges.

We can’t wait to discover the first challenge!