Usain Bolt Helps Dig Grave Of Fellow Olympic Medallist Who Tragically Died


A moving video showing Usain Bolt digging a grave for his dead friend and fellow Olympic medallist has emerged and it’s completely heartbreaking. 

Team Great Britain silver medallist Germaine Mason, tragically died last month and now footage showing Usain Bolt helping to dig his friend’s grave has emerged and it will pull on your heart strings big time.

Bolt – who is the 100m and 200m world record holder –  was a close friend of Germaine’s, who sadly died in a motorbike accident in Jamaica in April.

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Horrifically, Bolt was present when the accident occurred and clearly distraught by what happened, chose to help out with digging his pal’s grave as a mark of respect and loyalty to his fellow athlete.

Germaine devastatingly died instantly, after he lost control of his bike while swerving to avoid traffic, in the capital of Kingston, Jamaica.

Horrendously, Bolt – who was part of their motorcycle gang that fateful day – was first on the scene and witnessed his friend’s death.

Germaine and Bolt became friends in 2002 – when Bolt was just 15 –  and in 2008, the track and field athlete won a silver medal for high jump at the Beijing Olympics.

Heartbroken by his friend’s death, Bolt posted a picture to Instagram of the Olympian, in honour of their friendship.


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A devastating situation. It’s hard to imagine what Bolt must be going through right now, especially as he was the one to first discover his friend had died…

Hopefully helping to dig his friend’s grave may be able to provide him some sort of peace and comfort and give him the chance to say a last goodbye.

RIP to Germaine and thoughts are with Bolt and the athletes’s family and friends at this difficult time.