Vengeance Prank Goes Terribly Wrong As College Footballers Break Into Stranger’s Home

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American footballers aren’t renowned for being the cleverest bunch, and this latest story won’t do that stereotype any favours…


Police say seven Lehigh University football players have been charged after breaking into a house meant as revenge, but they targeted the wrong house.

According to court documents, the incident – which took place in northeastern Pennsylvania – saw several players storm the house of Lehigh students Samuel Hernandez and Collin Davis on November 8.


The students kicked in the doors to their bedrooms and Hernandez claims he was punched several times in the face, leaving him with a concussion and a ‘busted lip’. Another one of the men who was charged Wednesday, 20-year-old Dylan Parsons, allegedly pissed in the victims’ refrigerator.


Bethlehem police say the two victims used a university football roster to pick out the suspects after the intrusion.

Brian Githens, 20, was charged in November with felony burglary, misdemeanour simple assault and criminal mischief. Six others were charged on Wednesday with criminal trespass.

North Hampton County Prison

Githens went on to tell police that he broke into the home in response to an assault on his fraternity president, but he then admitted the embarrassing truth that the players broke into the wrong home and attacked the wrong person.

A university spokeswoman says the students’ conduct is now being reviewed.

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We have seen college football players do some pretty stupid shit in the past, but this has got to top it.

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