Verne Troyer Shares Hilarious Picture Next To Conor McGregor’s Baby

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Aug 2017 17:41

Nobody could cope when Conor McGregor shared a picture of his baby son sporting sunglasses and the distinctive McGregor blue suit.


The fashionable three-month-old’s miniature suit was custom made by David August Heil, and it’s expected he will wear it while cheering his dad on at the big fight tomorrow night.

However, not only was the baby looking completely adorable in his sharp get-up, he also bore a resemblance to a certain evil comedy clone…

In this sweet post shared by McGregor on Instagram, captioned ‘boss baby’, tiny Conor Jack McGregor Jr bears a striking resemblance to Verne Troyer in his Austin Powers persona Mini Me.


In the fierce run up to his much hyped fight, surely even Mayweather fans will soften at the proud, beaming smile The Notorious gives his stylish son.

The similarities between the father and son duo just cannot be unseen, as can’t the likeness to the Mini Me star.

Amazingly, Verne clicked on to the running joke and decided to create a hilarious take on ‘The Notorious’ Instagram post.

The 2ft 8 actor photoshopped a picture of himself into the original photograph, wearing a similar suit to dapper McGregor Jr while shaking a fist at him.

Verne captioned his Instagram picture:

Me and @TheNotoriousMMA’s son bout to have the fight of the century.


Before asking his amused followers:

Who do you think would win?

A surprising amount of fans would apparently put their money of the three-month-year-old, commenting ‘his son’ and ‘boss baby’ on the post.

One fan confidently declared:

He would pop your head like a grape.


Well, he is half fighter after all…

Julia Banim

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