UEFA Attempt To Destroy Welsh Spirits With Latest Awful Decision

Wales v Northern Ireland - Round of 16: UEFA Euro 2016Getty

Wales players will not be allowed to bring their children onto the pitch after their semi final with Portugal on Wednesday night, thanks to UEFA being massive spoilsports.

Gareth Bale and his team mates take on Cristiano Ronaldo’s side for a place in the final, but the usual post match celebrations won’t take place.

Normally, the scene after the final whistle includes kids running round kicking footballs into the open goal, or even trying their hand at a penalty shootout – and it’s heartwarming stuff.

In a tournament that’s been marred with violence, flares on the field and plenty of other unsavoury drama, it was certainly something to enjoy.

But in true UEFA style, tournament director Martin Kallan has issued a statement banning the kids from the party, insisting that the pitch is not a safe place for a minor.

Kallan said: 

A stadium is not the most safe place for small kids if fans invaded the field, and with the stadium staff operating machinery on the playing surface

Czech Republic v Croatia - Group D: UEFA Euro 2016Getty

Another official added:

It is a European Championship, not a family party. It is nice pictures.

We are not 100 per cent against it but we are cautious.

Now, we’re not entirely sure who would take to the field with a lawnmower while there’s still people on it, but you can understand UEFA’s point.

Although it does beg the question why they’re worrying about kids getting hurt on the pitch now, when so many fans were able to smuggle in flares and get firecrackers through security.

Considering a steward was nearly deafened by an explosion that happened right next to him during Croatia’s game with Czech Republic last month, it seems like the worries over security have came a fortnight too late.

Anyway, I’m sure Wales will still be able to enjoy the occasion should they manage to down Portugal and keep their fairytale tournament going.