Warrant Out For Conor McGregor’s Arrest After Brutal Bus Attack

by : UNILAD on : 05 Apr 2018 20:49

A warrant is out for Conor McGregor’s arrest after he crashed a UFC press conference earlier today, April 5, injuring a fighter during his attack.


As the media day wrapped up on the upcoming UFC 223 event, McGregor and his entourage of 30 men crashed the Barclays Centre, attacking a bus, leaving UFC lightweight fighter, Michael Chiesa, injured.

According to reporter Ariel Helwani, the bus belonged to Khabib Nurmagomedov who was involved in an altercation with Artem Lobov earlier this week – McGregor’s training partner.

UFC President Dana White has confirmed Chiesa was injured during the attack and is currently in hospital.


He also added a warrant for McGregor’s arrest has been put out and Lobov has been removed from the weekend’s competition, for his involvement in the attack.

Reporter Brett Okamoto shared an interview with White on Twitter which sees the president making a full statement:

There’s a warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest. They’re looking for him right now. His plane can’t take off. He can’t leave the state of New York.

He’ll be grounded. I’m assuming, eventually, if they don’t catch him, he’ll hand himself in. You can imagine he’s going to be sued beyond belief. This was a real bad career move for him.

Do you want to be in business with Conor McGregor right now? I don’t think anybody is going to want him right now.

I think everybody is going to be pretty disgusted. Listen, if you don’t like Khabib then fight him. You can do it legally. This fight is happening Saturday we could have done it. You could have done it within the rules of fighting.

But you want to grab 30 friends and come down here and do what you did today. It’s disgusting.

I don’t know if he’s on drugs or whatever his deal is. This is a guy who just had a baby.

Okamoto also shared other updates from his conversation with White writing:

Was just with Dana White. Called it the most despicable thing in UFC history.

I asked him if he wants to be in business with Conor McGregor anymore, he said, would you?

Dana White confirmed Michael Chiesa suffered an injury, cuts to the face, and is in the hospital.

Artem Lobov has been pulled from UFC 223, per White, as he was apparently part of the crew that stormed the building.


McGregor’s attack comes after White announced, the winner of the Nurmagomedov v Max Holloway fight, will gain the UFC 155lbs belt, stripping the Irishman in the process.

The Notorious fired a warning shot earlier this morning on his Twitter account angrily writing:

You’s’ll strip me of nothing you’s do nothing c*nts.

Those at the conference only managed to get a fleeting glimpse of McGregor as he was swiftly escorted away by security guards.

However, he still had time to kick off in front of the fighters, as they attempted to leave the venue to return to their nearby hotel.

It’s currently unknown how serious Chiesa’s injury is and whether he’ll be able to fight against Anthony Pettis this Saturday, (April 7).

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Despite White’s claims, according to Okamoto, ABC News has said the New York Police Department are investigating the incident but have not yet issued an arrest warrant.

Whether or not he’s arrested, I’m sure McGregor will have something to say about today’s events and the upcoming fight.


Watch this space.

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