Watch The Moment Cris Cyborg Nearly Died In Brutal MMA Training

UFC 198 Weigh-insGetty

Intense footage of UFC fighter Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino has revealed the dangerous lengths she went to in order to reach her catchweight. 

The footage taken from the documentary An Inside Look At The Sacrifice Of Greatness shows Cris in training ahead of her astonishing UFC victory at the weekend.

The 31-year-old Brazilian dominated the two-round clash against Swedish Muay Thai champ Lina Lansberg but there were fears she wasn’t going to make it to the Octagon after struggling to meet her weight target, reports the Daily Star.

Cris revealed that, with just six days until the bout, she still weighed 165lb – 25lbs more than the 140lb catchweight. She has fought at 145lb for other organisations but the heaviest division for women in the UFC is 135lb.

The documentary footage has revealed the unbelievable methods she used to drain her body of excess water weight.

In one scene she can be seen training around the clock before being put in a sauna during rest periods.

But then things take a dark turn as Cris can be seen sobbing as she is wrapped in dehydration sheets to drain every drop of water from her body in a process that brought her ‘close to death’.


At one point her trainer tells the camera: 

What we do is we all sit here in a room and watch a human being bring themselves close to death.

There have been numerous calls for the UFC to make a featherweight division so the former Strikeforce star can compete without risking her health.

Having watched this you’d hope that happens sooner rather than later.