Watching Football On TV Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


Football is a global game.

However, with the amount of cash involved in TV broadcasting rights, there’s been a huge problem for anyone living abroad that happens to support one of the 72 English Football League teams up until now.

Up until now, anyone living overseas couldn’t watch their beloved team from the comfort of their own home unless their team was selected for live coverage (which isn’t that often, seeing as TV companies have so many clubs to try and please).

This meant that unless you could find a dodgy stream online, the only way to follow your team was on social media or the club’s official website.


But now, as part of the re-negotiation of the broadcasting deal, a new service known as ‘iFollow’ will come into effect from next season.

The service allows you to watch EVERY untelevised game from your chosen club and costs a fraction of the price of travelling to watch a game from wherever you may be based.

For just £110 per season, fans can watch all of their 46 games from wherever they wish, which works out at just under £2.40 per game.


For example, if you lived in France and supported Leeds United, a plane ticket would cost over £100 (and more in petrol if you chose to drive), and then once you add on the price of a ticket and food etc, an away day would cost over £150 in total.

In a time where the relationship between fans, clubs and broadcasters is becoming strained, iFollow sounds like a brilliant idea to bring everyone back together for the good of the game.

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