Wayne Rooney Finally Opens Up About Night With Laura Simpson

@LSimps10 / Twitter

Former Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has opened up about his night with Laura Simpson, the incident that nearly destroyed his marriage.

In September Rooney was arrested for driving Simpson’s VW Beetle while drunk.

Consequently, he was forced to perform community service, banned from driving and faced some tough questions from his wife, Coleen, who was reportedly furious at her famous husband’s foolish actions.


Now though the 32-year-old Everton player has opened up about that infamous night.

Speaking to TalkSport, he said:

Sometimes you make mistakes. I held my hands up. I made a mistake.

I knew straight away I had made a stupid mistake and I have to move on.

It is not nice. I’ve got children and it is not nice for them to see that and I try to move on and learn from it which I feel I am doing.


Rooney also admitted to enjoying his community service at a garden centre and even went so far as to say he may continue to volunteer when he’s finished his 120 hours of work.

Meanwhile, Laura Simpson has done her best to maintain her 15 minutes of fame following that night.

She was allegedly desperate to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and even had meetings with producers but she didn’t make the final cut which is laughable.

@LSimps10 / Twitter

Simpson’s also reportedly set up a website to allow married men to have affairs because according to a source in The Mirror, women aspire to her involvement with Rooney.

Things get slightly more desperate for the wannabe celeb when you discover she tried to sell the car that Rooney drove that night for £12,500, even though it’s only worth £2,500.

According to The Daily Star, she wanted to sell the car because she can’t stand being taunted by white van men who chant when they see her in it.