Wayne Rooney Makes Huge Donation To Manchester Victims’ Fund

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Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has just made a huge donation of £100,000 to help the victims and families affected by the Manchester terror attack.

In a show of true Manc solidarity, he has made the donation via The Wayne Rooney Foundation.

He has also set up a donation line where anyone can donate via text or online.

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In a statement on his charity’s website he said:

There are moments in life that instantly affect you and stop you in your tracks. Monday night was one of those occasions.

Like so many others, I have enjoyed great nights at the arena, often with my family.

As a father, I am horrified that a night out for so many young people could end so tragically. My heart goes out all those affected. Please give whatever you can.

The Manchester United captain is not the only local footballer to help with the aftermath of the attack, as Phil Neville sent food to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for both patients and staff as the hospital dealt with the influx of injured chidren.

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He said:

I saw there was shortage of food at the hospital, I rang the hotel that I was part owner in and said, ‘Can we get some food down there?’

People were there for me when I had my little girl in the hospital for eight weeks and I just wanted to try and do something because you feel helpless.

In another show of unity, a victorious Manchester United dedicated their Europa League trophy to the city after the win, and football rivalry was put to one side when Manchester City tweeted simply with a hashtag #ACityUnited.

It’s wonderful to see the people of Manchester really coming together in a time like this, and if one small comfort can come out of the disgusting attack, it is the way the people of the city have reacted in unison to show the attackers they will not win.

Donations to The Wayne Rooney Foundation can be made online at BT.com/Rooney or by texting “CityUnited” to 70800 to make a donation of £5.