Weightlifter’s Face ‘Explodes’ As He Lifts Outrageous Weight

Rogue Fitness/YouTube

Have you ever watched a video of a weightlifter and wondered whether what they’re doing is actually healthy?

Well, this video of a weightlifter’s face covered in blood will be sure to convince you this sport involves a little bit too much exertion.

This is Mikhail Shivlyakov and in the video, you can see him deadlifting a pretty impressive 426kg:

The event took place at the Arnold Sports Festival Tournament in Columbus, Ohio and the dramatic footage shows Shivlyakov’s nose erupt in blood as he lifts the incredible weight.

The 37-year-old, who was also a Marine in the Navy, report Complex, lifts an amount which would floor pretty much anyone, but he manages to lift it – not without consequences.

The audience react audibly to the immense effort, which Shivlyakov clearly put into lifting the weight, as blood runs down his face.

Incredibly though, this feat of strength was not enough to win the event – there was actually an even more impressive display of brawn. None other than Thor Bjornsson.

If you think you don’t know Bjornsson, then think again, because he’s known around the world as ‘The Mountain’ on HBO‘s Game of Thrones.

He’s pretty damn strong in the show but he’s clearly no wimp in real life either, because he successfully completed a world-record deadlift of 472kg.

The ‘face explosion’ isn’t anywhere near the worst thing we’ve seen with deadlifting, there was one guy who repeatedly vomited while lifting, but carried on like a trooper.

A UK strongman competitor projectile vomited during a deadlift attempt back in 2012, but just didn’t care and kept going.

The footage shows John Rudgard attempting to deadlift successively heavier weights, but by the third rep it all becomes a bit too much. He began puking, a lot:

Fortunately, it seems him – or his colleagues – anticipated this and placed a towel on the floor at the spot where most of his puke landed. Silver lining, eh?

It doesn’t seem like the guys watching were too concerned as they kept cheering him on as he kept throwing up, what’s almost certainly a complete and utter waste of protein shake.

But hey, at least the guy’s face didn’t explode right? Totally healthy.