Wes Morgan’s Deal With Captain Morgan’s Rum Has Some Epic Clauses


Wes Morgan has had an interesting career.

From being farmed out on loan to Kidderminster Harriers back in 2003, to winning the most unlikely of Premier League titles with Leicester City last year, Morgan has had plenty to tell the grandchildren in years to come.

However, his latest contract signing may produce some of the best stories of them all.

The Leicester captain has recently signed a deal with Captain Morgan rum to become a ‘brand ambassador’, which basically means he gets given free rum whenever he fancies it.


The whole thing started last season when the rum makers realised that a man called Morgan captained the soon-t0-be Premier League champions, and quickly mocked up an image of Wes on the label of a rum bottle – great marketing, right?

Well now they’ve signed Morgan up to be an ambassador and some of the clauses in the deal are absolutely brilliant.

Here’s the image Morgan uploaded to Twitter today, complete with excellent caption:

In case you can’t read the small print, here’s what two of the clauses say:

8.1 – During the term, Wes Morgan shall be entitled to enter licensed premises and purchase a Captain + Cola beverage for each patron in attendance in accordance with the provisions of 8.2-8.4 below

8.2 – Prior to ordering the beverages from the outlet, Wes Morgan shall turn to face the patrons, extend his arms to form the shape of a “Y” and shout “There’s only one Captain Morgan!”

8.3 – Patrons who are tempted to consume too much alcohol should be told, “Only anchors go overboard. Please Drink Responsibly”, and instead be offered water.

This basically means Morgan can go into any bar that sells Captain Morgan, make a complete tit of himself but simultaneously make himself an even bigger legend in the Midlands.

I just hope I can get to the bar quicker than Vardy when Morgan yells his line.