What Holly Holm Said To Ronda Rousey After The Win



Holm hasn’t spoken to Rousey since the fight, but she was able to share a moment with her in the Octagon after the referee stopped the fight. 

Holm revealed her true character when she showed genuine concern for Rousey as she lay knocked out on the canvas. Holm then got to spend a moment with her as things settled down after the contest.

“I told her I appreciate her and the reason why any of us have this opportunity is because she’s been able to come in and make waves,” Holm Said. “I appreciate that about her and she’s been a good champion.”

Rousey was left absolutely dazed by Holm’s stunning attack.


In a post match interview Holm added: “Trust me, I want the knockout and I want the victory and I’m glad I got it and I’m glad it was by knockout but I never want anyone to actually be permanently injured from anything in a fight.”

“I have a certain compassion at that moment. I’ve been on the end of losing a fight and there’s a piece of my heart that has compassion towards that because I know how it feels. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take anything back.”


“I hope she’s doing well and if I know Rhonda, she’s going to bounce back. She’s never let anything get her down too hard.”

Rousey has sent out a message on Instagram.

Holm has also had a chat about Rousey’s pre-fight antics.

“You know before the fight when she didn’t touch gloves – it didn’t bother me,” Holm said. “It did get me a little fired up, but it’s go time anyway. I would have won the fight regardless of whether she touched my gloves or not.”

“I’m going to hit you as hard as I can regardless of whether you touch my gloves or not.”

She wasn’t phased with the aggression shown at the weigh-in either.

“It surprised me but it was kind of fun actually. Who gets that intense like that in their day-to-day job? So it was kind of a fun day.”

“All that matters is what happens after they ring the bell to start the fight.”

Let’s have a look at what happened just one more time:


Holm’s life has suddenly become more hectic in the last 24 hours after that win.

Her Instagram account has jumped from 80,000 followers to more than 330,000. I hope that doesn’t lead to too much superficial product placement and an Instagram model-esque social media meltdown.

Donald Trump is getting involved. Of course.

And people are starting to crank up photoshop.


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It’s great to see Holm has been a good sport over the victory.

For her, the victory has not been about gaining stardom in UFC, it was about proving herself as a fighter.