What The F*ck Is Going On With Shaquille O’Neal’s Feet?


If you’re about to eat or just put anything in your mouth, I have a word of warning for you,…DON’T!

These pics and video are going to make you spew – and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your bank holiday guys!

The former basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal, decided to reveal his skanky feet live on air.

It seems the world couldn’t cope with it and as per, Twitter went into a bit of a melt down about it…

To be fair to Shaq, his feet are in a much better condition than the last time we showed us them.

But then again, the bar wasn’t exactly high…

She was like dam you got some pretty feet

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Oh Shaquille, all that money and a potato where your big toe should be.

In all fairness, if I could dunk without jumping, I wouldn’t care if it looked like a potato and a whole vegetable patch down where my toes should be.