Which Teams Are In England’s Group For Russia 2018 World Cup?


The World Cup draw in Russia has been drawn, with England facing fifth-best in the world Belgium in the group stages.

As well as having to go up against Belgium, they will also have to play against Panama and Tunisia in Group G.

This will be the team’s 18th World Cup. Germany are the current holders of football’s most coveted prize after success in Brazil 2014.

England, who were then managed by Roy Hodgson, didn’t even get a sniff near the trophy as they failed to get out of the group stages.

Gareth Southgate’s boys were drawn out from Pot 2 which meant they’d avoid big teams like Spain, Colombia and Uruguay. However going up against Belgium, Panama and Tunisia in Group G they need to wary of top Premier League foes in Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku.

But you’ve got to expect they’ll get through to the knock-out stages.

To say England haven’t fared well in these international tournaments is a monumental understatement, since their iconic victory at the old Wembley Stadium in 1966 the national team has stumbled at everything single block.

The closet they got was Italia 90 when Sir Bobby Robson took England to the semi-finals where they lost on penalties – of course – to West Germany.

Hopefully Southgate, who has so far done a competent job so far in one of football’s most undesired positions, will lead the national team to better success than his predecessors.

While no one is expecting England to win bloody thing (we can always hope though right? It’s the hope which kills us) the senior team maybe hoping to over-achieve following stellar success of both their youth and women’s teams.

Come on England… just for once give fully grown adults an excuse to cry with pain and agony. Sounds strange but I kind of miss it.

I myself haven’t shed a tear for the England football team since France 98.