The List Of Streamed Footballers-Turned-Popstars Is As Odd AF

John Barnes of England and Prusik of PolandGetty

Over the years, there have been plenty of footballers who’ve been involved in some truly shocking attempts to crack the music industry and score a number one.

Sadly for the majority of them, they ended up scoring own goals instead – remember ‘Head Over Heels In Love’ by Kevin Keegan back in 1979? No? Exactly.

Well there have been many attempts over the years, and the (presumably very bored) people at Deezer have made an actual formation from ‘artists’ (and we use that term in the loosest possible way, trust us) according to their footballing positions.

Here’s the team:

Deezer TeamDeezer

England’s John Barnes holds the top spot for the most streams from a football record thanks to his epic ‘World In Motion’ tune from 1990, which was the song that made every one realise that Jay-Z learned everything from Barnesy.

Apparently, Jese Rodriguez released a song earlier this year that takes second place in the rankings, with the legendary Dutchman Johan Cruyff’s 1969 effort rounding off the top three.

Peter Schmeichel and Youri Djorkaeff bring up the final two spots on the team, although Deezer doesn’t actually have the songs on their system to listen to – and that’s probably a good thing.

Real Madrid CF v RCD Espanyol Copa Del Rey Quarter Final MatchGetty

If you’re feeling brave, you can listen to the whole playlist here.

Rather worryingly, England have three songs in the top ten, thanks to Andy Cole and Keegan’s efforts in 1979 and 1999 added to Barnes’ smasher in 1990.

Oh well, at least England have won something this summer.