Why We’ll Miss: Kevin Ferguson AKA ‘Kimbo Slice’



2016 was a brutal year that didn’t pull its punches as numerous household names departed this life – and it took one man who possessed the same reputation.

Kevin Ferguson -better known as Kimbo Slice- went from viral fame to the biggest fight promotion on the planet in just a few short years.

His unconventional route to the top also drew him millions of fans who were all too aware how his striking could end a bout in seconds.

Slice didn’t transition into the pro ranks until 2007 at the age of 33 when he entered the cage with EliteXC.

His debut lasted just 19 seconds as Kimbo floored Bo Cantrell, and his opponent frantically tapped for the referee to intervene before the Miami fighter could launch a full assault on the ground.

Kimbo’s next bout ended in similarly savage and victorious fashion against Tank Abbott.

Slice went 3-0 with his next fight, defeating James Thompson and causing his opponents ear to explode with blood in the process…

The knockout artist was due to fight Thompson once more in London this year at Bellator 158, but he passed away on June 6, a little over one month before the fight was scheduled.

Only Kimbo will know precisely how many people fell under one of his blockbuster punches, but his pro-record will be remembered as 5-2-1, with a boxing record of 7-0.


Kimbo once said of himself:

With these hands I can part the sea. With these hands I feed the family.

And that is how he should be remembered – a fighter and a family man, who used his talent to provide.

Kevin Ferguson, fighter and mixed martial artist, born February 8, 1974, died June 6, 2016.