Wingsuit Flyer Captures Moment He Avoided Death In High Speed Crash

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An American wingsuit flyer captured the moment he almost lost his life in a highspeed crash while flying through the French Alps.


Eric Dossantos was wearing a body-mounted camera when he was soaring at speed through the mountains in Chamonix, near the French, Swiss and Italian border.

He claims that he ‘should have died’ while wingsuit flying, which involves wearing a nylon, winged suit that allows you to glide at speed, and has already claimed several lives this year.

ABC report that there have been at least 36 BASE (building, antenna, span and Earth) around the world this so far this year.


He posted to Facebook saying:

I should have died on a wingsuit crash in France but I didn’t so working on my healing from that. I will try to get back to everyone whose contacted me but for many reasons it’s not easy right now. I appreciate your concerns and positive energy directed my way.

Sorry to all that I haven’t contacted but there’s a lot of shit going on right now. I should have died on a wingsuit…

Posted by Eric Dossantos on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dossantos lay helplessly on the forest floor for three hours before some locals found him and took him to Annecy hospital.

He had moderate brain trauma and lost his ability to speak French after the crash.


Dossantos, 30, is an experienced wingsuit flyer who has posted photos and videos of his flights for years, but this one unfortunately ended in him suffering injuries to his shoulder, neck, collarbone, head and liver, after he crashed at 90mph.

His friend Mathias Ringstrom set up a fundraising page to pay for his medical bills.


Mathias said:

Altho (sic) Eric has a good insurance, they are not going to cover everything. We don’t know the full extend of his head trauma yet, but we are hopefull (sic),

ocean_wingsuit_formation_6366966219ocean_wingsuit_formation_6366966219Richard Schneider Wikipedia

The extreme sport is banned in Australia, but supporters say legalising it would reduce deaths because of improved regulation.

I wonder if he’ll ever take the risk of jumping again!

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