Women Hilariously Prank Their Partners By Playing The Monday Night Football Theme

by : Lucy Connolly on : 15 Sep 2020 17:49
Women Hilariously Prank Their Partners By Playing The Monday Night Football ThemeWomen Hilariously Prank Their Partners By Playing The Monday Night Football Themebossladynikkij/TikTok

For some people, football is life. Or it’s at least important enough to warrant a dibs over the TV for a few hours whenever it’s on.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who loves football, then, you’ll know that for those few hours you’d better find yourself something else to do, because their mind is going to be occupied by nothing but the sport.

Some women decided to prove just how much their partner’s priorities lie with football as the NFL season kicked back off again recently, by pranking them into thinking they were about to get their weekly fix of Monday Night Football.


Check out one of the hilarious videos below:

@bossladynikkijWas he mad, or nah?😂😂😂😂 That was fun!!! He just knew football was on!!!! ##Goteeeem ##fyp ##EsportsForAll ##SecretAnimeSociety ##Viral ##Trending♬ Husband will come running – damionthomas7

How did they do it, you’re no doubt wondering? Well, it was pretty simple really. All they had to do was play the theme tune of the ESPN show and see if their partner came running. And boy did they…


Each of the women then pressed record and filmed the moment their respective partners came rushing into the room to see what was going on, a bewildered look on their face as though to say: ‘But wait, it’s not Monday night, what have I missed?!’

One woman shared the video alongside the caption, ‘They say if you put this song on your husband will come running.’ And sure enough, what did he do?

He came running:


As she stared knowingly at the camera with the theme tune playing in the background, her husband’s silhouette appeared in the corridor behind her. Not even glancing at her as he entered the room, he looked at the TV screen only to realise he’d been duped.

‘She think she’s so funny,’ Damion Thomas wrote on Instagram, a thought that many of his followers seemed to share, with one person describing the video as ‘very funny’ and ‘very cool’. Another person wrote, alongside four laughing face emojis: ‘I cannot stop watching this!’

Another man was left looking very annoyed after he came running down the stairs to look at the TV, only to realise The Notebook was on the screen and not his beloved game. ‘What did you do that for,’ he could be seen asking his partner.

You can see his reaction below:


Incredible. 10/10 for effort, ladies. Although you just know their partners are going to get the last laugh as the return of the NFL season means they’ve got dibs on the TV for the next few months.

Ah well, you’ve got to take the wins where you can I suppose.


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