World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Is Opening In Poland

deep spot deepest swimming pool polandCEN

Woah, that’s deep man. Seriously deep.

Gonna be honest, when I look at going to the swimming pool my list of priorities goes something like this: how big are the slides, how cold is the water, how much does it cost.

But then the world’s deepest swimming pool hasn’t been designed for amateurs like me. At 45 metres deep I’m never going to be able to swim down and grab my keys. Not with my lungs.

Located in Mszczonów, about 25 miles south-west of the Polish capital Warsaw, DeepSpot will open its doors to the public in autumn with a water volume equivalent of 27 normal swimming pools. (They’re never going to catch you peeing in there.)

Local media reports the pool will be 45 metres (148 feet) deep. Five metres deeper than the current record holder located in the Italian town of Montegrotto Terme.

Eight thousand cubic metres of water will be used to fill DeepSpot, which is about 1,760 in pints language.

deep spot deepest swimming pool polandCEN

Reportedly constructed by the same company who built the popular indoor skydiving simulator FlySpot in Poland’s Warsaw West County, DeepSpot will include an underwater tunnel, hotel rooms overlooking the pool, as well as restaurants and conference rooms.

And it won’t just be for budding Jacques Cousteaus or Steve Zissous, DeepSpot will be open to anyone willing to take a plunge.

Much like the ongoing competition to build the tallest building, the battle for the deepest pool will only be shortly lived for DeepSpot, because the next deepest pool is under construction in Colchester, Essex. Blue Abyss will open with a 50 metre (164 feet) deep pool.

deep spot deepest swimming pool polandCEN

The website states:

The pool will have several entrance points and feature multi-stepped depths to accommodate for a variety of activities and simultaneous use, leading down to the 50m shaft.

On one side of the pool, a large table-like area at 12m will be able to house, for example, a mock section of the International Space Station for commercial astronaut training.

A word of warning to anyone looking to go for a dip at DeepSpot when it opens. I went to a swimming pool in Warsaw a few years ago and got kicked out for wearing a pair of board shorts. Apparently they were more revealing than the Speedos that were the fashion there.

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