World’s Most Feared Kick Boxer Made UFC Debut And F*cked Sh*t Up

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If you’re feeling a bit rough this morning after a heavy Friday night spare a thought for Luis Henrique da Silva who got turned over by Gokhan Saki in the first round.

The 33-year-old Dutch-Turkish fighter dominated kickboxing with an intimidating 83-12 fight record before switching codes to MMA.

The thing that made him truly feared is that 59 of his 83 victories were knockouts or technical knockouts – meaning if he beat you there was a good chance you we’re going down.

Youtube/UFC ON FOX

And he seems to have successfully confirmed his transition to the Octagon in his debut UFC fight.

Watch the highlights of the fight here:

This was Saki’s second ever fight under MMA rules and despite visibly tiring towards the middle of the first round he managed to knock down Brazilian 205lber Henrique da Silva with a savage left hook ending the match.

Youtube/UFC ON FOX

He’s actually up against the cage and looking pretty dominated when he manages to pull off the match-ending punch and celebrating by punting his gumshield into the crowd. A match memento that I probably wouldn’t be too keen to catch.

Still, it’s a fantastic start to a no-doubt fruitful UFC career. Definitely one to watch.