World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw Just Did An Insane Deadlift


What you lift in the gym is nothing compared to what Brian Shaw can do.

In the run up to this year’s Arnold Classic, a sporting event for the world’s biggest beefcakes, strongman Brian Shaw pulled off a muscle-pain-inducing 468 kg deadlift.

It comes pretty close to the current record holder and six-time winner of the UK’s Strongest Man competition Eddie Hall.

Crazier still is that this was just practice for the competition, imagine what the Colorado native will be deadlifting on the actual day!

Eddie Hall will be absent from this years tournament but Shaw is clearly not taking any chances and this achievement sends a clear message to the other competitors.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 34-year-old said:

In my training session yesterday, I moved somewhere between 50,000lb and 60,000lb of total volume of weight.

But if you were to take that over my full career it would be somewhere around 100,000,000lb of weight.

Thanks to his recent form fans are excited for the Arnold classic which will be held later next month.

The Arnold Classic is part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival which includes multiple events such as; professional body building, fitness, figure and bikini expo.