Goalie Makes Easily The Worst Error Ever In Friendly Game

goalie own goalYouTube

If you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for Sammy Ndjock.

You might have never heard of him, and you probably will never hear his name again, but he’s just made himself a viral sensation after scoring one of the worst own goals ever.

When you think of goalkeeping own goals, you think of Paul Robinson’s attempted hack during England’s failed Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia, or Peter Enckelman’s balls up back in 2002.

But this one might take the crown for the worst ever:


Who knew it would take less than ten seconds to make Simon Mignolet look like Manuel Neuer?

To make it worse, Minnesota were playing Bournemouth, so there was a larger audience for the game than normal, which ultimately proved bad news for Ndjock.

Never mind, at least he got his 15 minutes of fame.