Would You Dump Your Girlfriend For A Job?



Elite athletes get a lot of pressure put on them on and off the field. Cleveland Browns have been prodding quarterback Johnny Manziel to reconsider his relationship with Colleen Crowley. 

CBS Sports reports that members of the Browns organisation have had it with their backup quarterback’s chaotic relationships. Their are concerns within the clubs hierarchy.

Earlier this month Manziel and Crowley were spotted having an argument on the side of a highway in Ohio. Manziel had been drinking earlier that day but there were no charges over the incident after bruises on Crowley’s arms were questioned.

gf2 manziel

With Josh McCown sidelined because of concussion, Manziel led the Browns to a Week 2 victory over the Titans before being sent back to a reserve role.

Manziel is in the second year of a four year $8 million contract. McCown is still injury prone and assessed on a day-to-day basis. There is no confirmation that Manziel will play against the Cardinals this week.

Crowley shacks up with him when she’s away from campus in Texas. The volatile pair still appear to be an item on Instagram…for now.


I personally think you can’t be too hard on the fella.

Elite athletes are still young men at the end of the day, they’re going to live and learn, plus you’re throwing a shit load of money at them which they’ll likely use to indulge in the odd all day party. The work pressure and desire to live a regular up-and-down personal life would be hard.

Johnny Manziel previously dated Sarah Savage and that relationship ended in 2013.


Would you break up with your missus if the workplace told you to?

Or can you come to that conclusion on your own if things aren’t working out?