WWE Just Made Conor McGregor A Huge Offer In Run-Up To Royal Rumble

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jan 2017 16:15

Wrestling bosses have made a huge offer to UFC’s Conor McGregor on the eve of WWE’s Royal Rumble.

They told the MMA megastar to name his price to make an appearance at Wrestlemania.

As The Notorious is currently on a break from fighting, WWE representatives have approached him to appear at their biggest show of the year in April.


It’s not the first time UFC fighters have appeared at Wrestlemania, with Ronda Rousey performing an act with The Rock at the 2015 show.

This may cause some controversy among the WWE community as Conor has taken swings at wrestling stars on Twitter.

The Daily Star reports that McGregor’s management have however turned down the money.


A source told the Irish Sun:

WWE has made no secret of its desire to do something with Conor McGregor and there were talks between the two parties about this year.

Because he’s taking time off from the UFC, there was a talk about doing something at this year’s Wrestlemania in April, but it wasn’t to be despite a hefty offer.


Conor once singled out 15-time WWE world champion John Cena and called him a ‘big fat, 40-year-old failed Mr Olympia motherfucker’…that would be an interesting reunion.


Anticipation is high for who will be appearing at the show as WWE legends prepare for the return of the Royal Rumble.

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