WWE Legend JR Will Be At Wrestlemania Just Days After His Wife Died

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Iconic WWE commentator Jim Ross could be in attendance at this year’s Wrestlemania PPV despite his wife dying last week.

For those of you who grew up watching wrestling during the WWE’s Attitude Era, the name Jim Ross – aka good ol’ JR – is pretty synonymous with it. Him along with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler were the familiar voices to our weekly dose of ‘pre-determined carnage’.

Despite being away from the announce table for a very long-time – the last time he called a match was at Wrestlemania 28 – he’s still a popular figure among fans. Every time we hear the phrase ‘Bah Gaawd’ or ‘For The Love of GAAAWD!’ we associate it with him.

However there are questions whether he will – or even should be – calling a match just days after his wife, Jan, died in a Vespa crash. In an interview with ESPN’s Arash Markazi he spoke candidly on his ‘cathartic’ returning to the world of ‘rasslin’. It’s particularly interesting as he left Vince McMahon’s company under acrimonious circumstances.

Speaking to Markazi on the company, which he sees more like his ‘extended family’, he said that:

In 21 years in that company I’d like to think that Jan and I played a small part in helping kind of retool the new publicly traded WWE after staving off bankruptcy and some bad financial problems that we all battled through…

Whilst no one would blame Ross for wanting to skip WWE’s marquee Pay-Per-View event, he’s always been a consummate professional, even when he had been suffering from Bell’s Palsy – which caused MacMahon to let him go.

He paid further tribute to his wife in the interview and bravely discussed what they had planned for the Wrestlmania weekend.

He told Markazi that:

She wanted to go shopping and wear her good threads on the red carpet and she wanted to see the crowd reaction if I got to come down and call a match. We can’t do anything about the Hall of Fame and the red carpet but maybe we can do something about the other.

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We’ll soon find out if Ross will be calling one last Wrestlemania match, presumably it will the main event between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.

Wrestlmania will air begin airing midnight tonight on the WWE Network.