WWE Wrestling Legend Posts Heartbreaking Tweet ‘In His Final Days’


It’s seriously sad news for fans of Big Van Vader who made a heartbreaking announcement on Twitter two days ago. 

The WWE champion revealed last year he was suffering with heart failure and only had ‘two years to live’, in a devastating video.

The semi-retired 61-year-old posted an ominous but upsetting message to his Twitter page on Tuesday, prompting fans to believe his condition is much worse than they first imagined.

He wrote:

As I enter my final days I am proud of the father, son, brother, football player, pro wrestler, the super heavy big man.

I’m grateful for my time.

Understandably upset and moved by his tweet, fans of the longtime wrestler flocked to his page to share their condolences and messages of encouragement.

Here’s some of what they shared with the legend:

Many fans felt honouring the superstar on Twitter was not enough and he should be put into the WWE hall of fame.

The wrestler  – who is known by his family as Leon Allen White – started out in life in Compton, California, where he initially pursued a career in American Football.

He then moved into wrestling in 1985, where his career really took off, spanning over more than two decades.

In November 2016, following a car accident, Big Van Vader was told he had congestive heart failure, with doctors giving him a matter of years before his death.

Here’s the shocking video of him explaining his tragic situation to fans:

This is really sad news.

Regardless of the length of time he has left, it will still be a terrible loss.