WWE Legend Ric Flair Just Made Some X-Rated Claims About Halle Berry



Legendary WWE wrestler Ric Flair has made the bold claim that he slept with Academy award winning actress Halle Berry.

Flair, who the LA Times once praised as the greatest pro-wrestler of all time, made his ‘confession’ during a recent episode of his podcast The Ric Flair Show.


Chatting with co-host Conrad Thompson, Flair took the time to answer a fan question about which, if any, celebrities had taken a ride on ‘Space Mountain’.

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘Space Mountain’, this is apparently the word that the 16-time world champion uses to describe his penis.


Flair claimed to have slept with several dozen celebs, although he neglected to name any of the others, only naming Halle Berry as someone who’d gone for a spin on Nature Boy’s space themed penis.

Apparently, the pair’s brief dalliance happened after Berry had gotten divorced from her then husband Atlanta Braves slugger, David Justice.

Let’s hope his wrestling nickname as ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ isn’t true in the bedroom…