WWE Legend The Big Show Undergoes Incredible Transformation


WWE legend The Big Show has undergone an incredible transformation, prompting calls for him to return to Wrestlemania.

The 7ft monster is known for his massive frame – hence the name – and was once dubbed the ‘world’s largest athlete’.

Yet even fans weren’t prepared to see Show, real name Paul Wight, in such well-toned physique when he posted on social media recently.


The 46-year-old was looking remarkably slim (for his size) as he rocked a set of ‘giant abs’ in a post workout pic.

It’s this picture which has some fans speculating how he could be set to make his return to the beloved Wrestlemania.

It does kind of make sense, considering Braun Strowman needs a tag team partner for an upcoming show this year between Raw Tag Team champs Sheamus and Cesaro.

‪It’s not the lighting…. #GiantAbs ‬

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However, a lot of fans were too busy admiring the incredible shape of Wight to think about upcoming fight possibilities.

Wight assured his fans the rippled effect was ‘not the lighting’ when he shared the incredible picture.

Yet his abs weren’t the only thing worth admiring in the pic – Wight’s arms were also looking huge and vascular.

At the time of writing, the picture has been liked over 2,800 times, with fans fawning to compliment their wrestling hero.

Always working. Always getting better. #GiantInTheGym @coach_willie

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One user wrote:

Looks like you are getting ready to be Strowman’s tag team partner.

While another wrote:

When are you going back Show? Strowman needs a partner for Wrestlemania.

The Big Show hasn’t been involved in WWE since last year when he was written off the show during a huge brawl on Raw.

Strowman slammed him through a steel cage, which meant his wrestling character needed hip surgery back in September.

However, despite talks of a return, things might not be so simple. Show’s current contract is believed to have expired in February.

There’s no reason he can’t return though, he left on good terms with WWE and still has the company in his Twitter bio.

In the meantime, Strowman remains partnerless as he heads towards his first championship in WWE at Wrestlemania on April 8.

While the fate of The Big Show is up in the air, we do know Daniel Bryan is heading back to WWE after being medically cleared to wrestle for the first time in two years.

Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) had to announce an early retirement in February 2016 after suffering ‘at least 10 concussions’ and seizures. Nasty.


Yet the 36-year-old WWE star said he’d been given the go-ahead after seeing ‘a number of leading neurosurgeons and neurologists, as well as WWE’s Medical Director’, according to TMZ Sports.

Wrestling fans everywhere hoped the announcement would be part of a storyline and all one big ruse, in which Bryan would reveal he wasn’t injured at all and would be back for WrestleMania 34 in a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t.

Bryan has been serving as the General Manager of SmackDown Live, but now, he could be an active competitor, though likely not at Wrestlemania 34.

Hopefully The Big Show will make up for his absence this time round.