WWE Referee Snaps Leg But Still Counts Out The Match

WWE referee breaks leg.@nardawg360/Twitter

It’s a lovely, sunny Monday morning, and so why not kick the week off with a horrifying account of a gruesome leg break?

WWE wrestling does carry a few risks with it, even for referees. And this has been gruesomely illustrated by a recent injury suffered by NXT referee Tom Castor during a main event in Omaha, Nebraska.


Castor had been officiating the match between NXT North American champ The Velveteen Dream and Canadian wrestler Tyler Breeze when his lower leg broke with a sickening snap.

And while many of us would no doubt take our agonized selves off for a good scream, Castor persevered and was still able to hit the mat to make the count when the victorious Dream had Breeze pinned.

You can watch the footage for yourself below:

As reported by Sports Illustrated, a fan has said Castor’s leg broke during a superkick spot gone wrong.

Castor could be seen lying in the corner of the ring while ref Drake Wuertz came over to call the end of the match. Through his pain, Castor remained dedicated; diligently counting out Tyler Breeze

Wuertz later took to Twitter to speak of Castor’s bravery, describing him as an ‘OG dude’:

Please say a prayer for my brother @tomcastorWWE. He broke his leg in the line of duty tonight during the main event of #NXTOmaha. When he was on the stretcher he squeezed my hand and proudly said “Drake I Love the Business”. We love you Tom!

Writing on his Instagram, Castor gave thanks to those in the WWE Universe who have offered their ‘kind words and positive vibes’:

I sincerely want to thank the WWE Universe and all the NXT/WWE Superstars for their kind words and positive vibes.

It’s been heartwarming and humbling to say the least. My utmost gratitude to the WWE Medical Staff and ER staff at Nebraska Medicine for your care and support. I’m ready to heal up and rejoin my NXT family doing what we all love to do. #wearenxt

Fans have been deeply impressed by Castor’s incredible resilience and love for the sport, taking their hat off to him for the way he was able to soldier on and ref the match.

One fan applauded:

Leg be like: break, but he be like: I still got a job to do.

Another admiring fan said:

Get well soon!! Much guts/props for doing your job considering your circumstances. Very gutsy and I commend your passion for your job!!

UNILAD wishes Tom Castor a full and speedy recovery.

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