WWE Wrestler Suffers With Boob Slip During Match


WWE’s Eva Marie had a major boob slip during a recent wrestling match,before she was suspended. 

The 32-year-old wrestler strutted on stage and whipped off her dressing gown to reveal a tiny red outfit, consisting of a precarious looking halterneck top and knickers.

All seemed to be set for her fight with Irish wrestler, Becky Lynch, when ‘horror struck’ and Eva’s bikini top became ‘untied’ (hmm) and dropped down, almost exposing her completely.


Chaos then broke out as Eva can be heard screaming and clutching her chest in anguish, as she desperately tries to protect herself from revealing all to the public.

Panicked and seemingly confused, the ref grabs for a towel and slings it around the red-headed wrestler’s neck.

As the audience begin to boo, Becky cracks up laughing, her hand clapped to her face and Eva makes a speedy exit.

While Becky looked on in rage, the ref legged it over to WWE bosses and exclaimed Eva could not compete and demanded the match be postponed.

He yelled across the ring:

She can not compete, OK? We are not going to have the match. She can’t compete.

An announcer then steps up to the plate to deliver the bad news to the eagerly awaiting audience.

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He explained:

Ladies and gentleman, due to a wardrobe malfunction Eva Marie can not compete and therefore this match can not take place.

Becky is furious at Eva’s costume ‘misfortune’ stunt and declares her dedication to fighting to the audience, the Daily Star reports.

She fumed:

I am a fighter. Every time I step in the ring I am ready to fight.

Here’s the full footage:

Since the awkward incident, Eva Marie has been suspended for 30 days, for apparently breaching WWE’s wellness policy.

This is not the first time the red-head has been in an awkward position in the ring with Becky, as she previously had to cancel allegedly due to hamstring problems.

The ref certainly got the shock of his life there though…

Hopefully she will have a better fitting costume next time…