15 Million Jobs Could Be Lost To Robots, Bank Of England Warns

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Just when you thought it was hard enough to get a job as it is…

A top economist has warned us that the robots are coming and they could take half of our jobs – with those in ‘mid-skilled’ work at the highest risk.

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The robots are set to take over up to 15 million British jobs, with secretaries most at risk the Bank of England’s chief economist has warned.

I can already imagine a right-wing UKIP-esque party rolling in, maybe the HIP (Human Independence Party). Bloody robots, coming here, stealing our jobs…

But, in all seriousness, before you rage against the machines this probably won’t happen for another 20 years or so. So at least you have a bit of time to prepare for this grim eventuality.

Andy Haldane told trade unionists that the Bank had calculated the risk of jobs being automated, with administration, production and office support at the highest risk of being taken over.


However, it’s not all bad news, apparently. He believes this new technology would boost all our wages and enrich our work.

Research economist Anton Cheremukhlin pointed out that the jobs that could disappear include cashiers, cooks, insurance underwriters, technicians, telemarketers and travel agents. Although we are in danger of losing quite a few jobs, Haldane still believes were are a lot more creative and we beat robots hands down when it comes to self-confidence, haggling and empathy.

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Well, at least I’m safe. For now…