15-Year-Old Inventor From Sierra Leone Wows M.I.T Engineers


This is 15-year-old Kevin Doe, and he is no average teenager.

Kevin is from the West-African nation of Sierra Leone, and it is not a hotbed of technological advances. But Kevin may well change that in the future.

The extraordinary young lad is a self-taught engineer who makes do with whatever resources he can scramble from trash cans to create inventions that will aid his community.

To date he has created batteries to provide a reliable source of energy at home as the mains supply is inconsistent at best, and he developed an impressive FM radio transmitter so he can broadcast to the community under the alias ‘DJ Focus’.

In recognition of his above average talents for a boy his age, Kevin has travelled to the USA as a guest of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology so he can develop his skills further.

And whilst in the US Kevin has stunned students and faculty with his ability, and his ambitious plans for the future, including his aim to build a windmill that will supply his entire town with electricity.

He has returned to Sierra Leone where components are scarce, but he exudes an attitude that says the Sky is the limit. What a guy.