195-Gigapixel Photo Is So Astonishingly Clear It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

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BigPixel CameraBigPixel

An exceptionally powerful camera has gone viral this week after its images left social media users stunned at the image quality the 195-gigapixel camera can produce.

Users have flocked to the website, where they can zoom in on interactive images of locations around the world including Shanghai, Nice, Hong Kong, and many more.


The image starts off as an extreme panorama, zoomed very far out with little discernable detail. Users can then zoom in on the image to extreme degrees and discover details that most smartphone cameras couldn’t capture from even a modest distance.

The images below show the staggering detail that can be seen in Shanghai. Citizens’ clothes brands, driver’s plates and even the number of shirt buttons a person is wearing are clear as day.

BigPixel SingaporeBigPixel
BigPixel SingaporeBigPixel
BigPixel SingaporeBigPixel
BigPixel SingaporeBigPixel

The camera can produce incredible 195-gigapixel images; that’s 24.9 billion individual pixels – 24.8 billion times more pixels than an iPhone X’s screen. The image above Shanghai was the first time BigPixel used an image with 100 billion pixels. Crazy stuff.

Social media fans have taken to Twitter to share their findings across the various images.


Sorry, Numa, we can’t explain this at all.

Rob’s images allow us to see the level of detail of individual motorists.


And Kristine might just found the most awesome family photo ever.

BigPixel told Mashable that the Shanghai image took the team two months to treat the data associated with a file that large and detailed. It’s also the third-largest image in the world, and the largest in Asia.

You can explore Singapore in way more detail than you ever imagined by heading over to BigPixel and loading up an image that will change your life.


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