2020s Top 200 Passwords Can Be Hacked In Seconds

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There’s really no excuse for having terrible passwords in 2020. But it turns out plenty of people still turn to the same simple combinations, leaving their accounts wide open to hackers.

In their annual list of the most common passwords, NordPass has revealed that, despite plenty of warnings, easy-to-guess passwords are still worryingly popular choices. According to the cybersecurity firm, the most used password is still 123456, with 123456789 coming in a close second.


Other popular choices include ‘password’, ‘qwerty’ and ‘iloveyou’. Experts have previously warned that large scale hacking operations often run bots that try to access accounts by entering the most common passwords. So if you use one of the passwords on the list, chances are a hacker could crack into your account in seconds.


NordPass used a database of 275,699,516 passwords to analyse the most common choices, and found that 56% of them were simple, easy to remember combinations that could be easily guessed by hackers. Of the top 200, only 78 were new entries, showing that most people are continuing to use the same lazy passwords year after year.

The company found that people frequently turned to hobbies and interests for inspiration, with some other common passwords including ‘football’, ‘pokemon’ and ‘blink182’. However ‘onedirection’, which has been one of the most popular choices in recent years, has finally dropped off the list.

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NordPass cybersecurity expert Chad Hammond told PCMag:

Most of these passwords can be hacked in less than a second.

Also, they have already been exposed in previous data breaches. For example, the most popular password, ‘123456,’ has been breached 23,597,311 times.

More and more companies are forcing users to choose better passwords, as well as adding extra layers of security like captcha and two-factor authentication.

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Users are also being encouraged to use password managers to avoid using the some login information for multiple accounts.

And while going through all these stages just to log in to your account can be frustrating, with millions of people having their personal and financial data stolen in hacks every year, it’s probably worth taking an extra few seconds to come up with something better than 123456.

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