239 New Emojis Are Being Released Soon


Emojis are worth a thousand words – and now, thanks to a new update, you can write award-winning polemical essays with the selection on offer.

Unicode have announced a new emoji update and, while you wait for the official release, you can test drive the new tiny icons on Twitter.

The update will feature a total of 239 new emojis, 59 of which are original and as bizarre as they are welcome – just like this cute little hedgehog and the selection of dinosaurs.


You can now illustrate your Twitter rants with a broccoli floret, a flying saucer, and a ‘face with monocle’, for when you drop an interesting and intellectual rebuttal.

There are nine new emoji faces, including ‘face with hand over mouth’, a ‘star struck’ face’ and ‘crazy face’.


Meanwhile, you’re emoji repertoire can now include all the profanities you spew in face-to-face conversation, thanks to the ‘face with symbols’.

Your mum can also get involved with the ‘shushing face’.

Among fantasy witches, fairies, wizards and vampires, Unicode have also introduced some important additions to the update, include a breastfeeding mother and a girl wearing a headscarf.

The remaining 183 emojis, as previously reported, are variations in hair colour and skin tone.

These are finally expanded to include bald, grey, red and afro-haired pixel people.


The update is available to use on Twitter’s website – but not the app – right now.

Facebook will implement the update soon.