$400,000 Lamborghini Totalled After Racers Try To Grill Meat Using Flaming Exhaust

by : Daniel Richardson on : 03 Jun 2021 13:02
$400,000 Lamborghini Totalled After Racers Try To Grill Meat Using Flaming Exhaust趣闻汇总/YouTube

Car enthusiasts in China have totalled a $400,000 Lamborghini after trying to grill meat through the exhaust. 

Few people would grill meat with their car, but if you had to, a Lamborghini would be the most stylish way to do it. A group of car enthusiasts decided to use the Lamborghini Aventador to cook their meal, but it didn’t go to plan.


A video has surfaced of a group in China dangling meat over the exhaust of the Lamborghini. The flames that exit the exhaust look like they could cook meat, but it doesn’t work out for the revving vehicle.

Check out the video below:

For a few seconds, the flames from the exhaust seem to be cooking the meat. However, the situation quickly changes as a cloud of smoke erupts from the engine. Safe to say, the showing off finishes quickly as the owners of the car rush to try and address the problem.


It has been suggested the car seemingly broke because of its powerful V-12 engine and how it works with the coolant lines. If the Lamborghini is revved while it is cold and the thermostat is closed, it will cause a lot of pressure on the coolant lines. Eventually, it seems the pressure built up and the coolant tank ruptured and began emitting smoke.

This theory would also explain why the blood-red coolant streams out over the floor, which many people noted made it look like the car was bleeding. Despite the discharge, viewers have hypothesised that the car is probably fine and will only need light repairs. Nonetheless, fixing a Lamborghini isn’t cheap.

Lambo accident (趣闻汇总/YouTube)趣闻汇总/YouTube

Aventadors cost £277,000 but have a significantly higher price tag in China. The vehicle can set back consumers up to $1 million (USD) in the country because of taxes designed to encourage people to buy lower emission vehicles.


On the back of this cost, some commentators have critiqued the owners and blamed them for the incident:

If he doesn’t understand what that’s doing to the car, he shouldn’t have it. One of the worst things you can do is repeatedly rev a car in neutral. It’s not designed for that, especially a Lambo.

In future, it’s probably best to keep the investment of hundreds of thousands of pounds safe and use a grill to cook meat. Alternatively, a cheaper car with a less powerful engine might do the trick for those determined to get their car to double up as an oven.

Featured Image Credit: 趣闻汇总/YouTube


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